Oops! Did you mean Gavin Rozzi?

There is no person named "Gavin Rossi" - my last name is spelled with two Zs

If you've landed here, you may have misspelled my name, Gavin Rozzi. It happens quite often, so I thought I'd plan ahead and created this site to help eliminate confusion. My last name is somewhat uncommon, while the name "Rossi" is far more common, which often results in confusion and misspellings. I'm here to set the record straight.

This site exists to redirect you to my actual website, gavinrozzi.com as well as provide an overview of the proper spelling of my name.

In addition to this site, I've also set up a "catch all" email under the domain gavinrossi.com. This ensures any email sent to an address ending in @gavinrossi.com, whether it's misspelled or not, will reach me. I've got your message, and I'll get back to you soon.

Thanks for understanding. I am looking forward to connecting on gavinrozzi.com! Feel free to send me an email to my initials (GR) at gavinrozzi.com